EV purchasing service

An EV Sounds great but you don't have time to make the switch?

We can provide a personalised, professional, turn-key service that will take care of all the hassles. We can take care of (where required):

  • finding the most suitable electric vehicle for your needs,
  • finding the best place to buy it,
  • purchasing the car,
  • applying for finance
  • selling your old car, and
  • installing any charging equipment in your home 

This service is broken down into three phases.  You can ask us to take care of one or two phases only, or all three.

a. SCOPE PHASE: This includes an initial chat with you about your requirements, finding the most suitable car and an indicative price, as well as all the information and costs. This process will take one week.  We charge NZD200 including GST for this service.

b. PURCHASING PHASE: We find the most reliable and cheapest place where you will get the best bang for your buck. We will negotiate with the seller, and help you with a finance application, if required. We will also help you sell your old car.  This will take up to two weeks. We charge NZD350 for this service.

c. CHARGE SETUP PHASE: Now that you have got your new car, we will help you get started with maintenance tops, charge point installations, and so on. We find you a reputable installer, provide advice on how to set it up, and so on. It will take up two weeks to complete this phase. We charge NZD300 including GST for this service.

We can provide all these three services for NZD750 including GST.  It will take up to four weeks to complete the whole process. 

What is included in cost? The services above only include free and frank advice, process management and administration. We will do the work, but you have to obviously pay for any third-party costs. All third-party costs include, but are not limited to, the cost of the car, electric equipment, electrician fees, auction house cost, etc.. etc... . Where practicable and relevant, we will inform you any costs in advance. 

Please be sure that we will never take any commission or backhanders from any suppliers so we can offer you independent and frank advice. If you are interested in this service then please contact nicolaas@evs.nz / 0221697577 to find out more.